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We combine more than 35 years of travel experience with partnerships with the world’s largest and most respected charter operators. As a member, you have access to both our fundamentals and expertise in the charter market, which means you can travel to thousands of destinations around the globe and book private airplanes with no middle man, always with 100% transparency.

100% Transparency prior to booking any trip.

Working with brokers + operators

There are advantages and disadvantages when working with a charter broker or local operator.

Charter Brokers

Although a skilled charter broker has the expertise to offer several options including transient airplanes or discounted one ways, they typically charge the client an undisclosed commission for their services in addition to the wholesale charter cost.

Local Operators

For some charterers, a local operator will be an easy point of contact at the airport you frequent. However, they tend to have limited aircraft options and often will have conflicting trips or maintenance, making them unavailable for many of your needs. When a local operator’s fleet of airplanes become unavailable, they will turn into a broker and offer another operator’s airplane to you, always with added commission.

Why become a member?

For the intelligent private flyer, a zero commission on-demand charter flight program is a wonderful value.

Zero Commission Advantage

The difference between our zero commission program and a traditional broker, is that we are only paid by the membership fee, while the broker must “mark up” every trip in order to make a profit. Charter brokers may add up to 50% in undisclosed commission per charter flight, whereas we allow members to book at the wholesale rates. With a very reasonable membership fee of $250/month, you will have access to unlimited wholesale quotes for all of your private charter needs.

Our agents are available to you 24/7 and provide an unlimited amount of quotes for your trip until your need is satisfied.

What’s Included with Membership

  • Unlimited Flight Requests
  • No Hidden Fees
  • Zero Commission
  • Quotes Lower Than Any Broker Guaranteed
  • Select the aircraft and operator of your choice
  • Dedicated Flight Team
  • 100% Transparency prior to booking any trip

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