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Charter a Private Flight For Your Family’s Spring Break Getaway

by Amber

Taking a family vacation is always an adventure, and one way to make sure that your trip is even more special is to charter a private plane. Flying with a private jet brings many luxurious amenities, excellent service, and no waiting time in comparison to traditional commercial air travel. When it comes to spring break getaways, taking a private flight can create incredible experiences that will stay with you and your family for years.

Private flight benefits

There are many advantages to chartering a jet for your family’s next holiday. Here are some of the key benefits:

Saves time. Say goodbye to endless lines at the airport or stressing over layovers and canceled flights when you charter yourself a luxury private flight. Don’t waste precious vacation time with your loved ones that could be spent enjoying everything that spring break has to offer.

Security. You can rest assured knowing your safety is taken care of by highly trained crew members each step of the way.

Personalized service. Onboard personnel provide customized care throughout the journey so all of your needs are met – from snacks to entertainment options. This is especially beneficial when traveling with children.

Luxury amenities. Many modern aircraft have state-of-the-art amenities, like plush recliners and Wi-Fi access, which bring comfort during travel, as well as high-quality audio/video systems for entertainment purposes.

If your family is ready for the ultimate spring break adventure by chartering a private flight, the following tips will help:

Do your research

Before chartering a private flight, research companies and services that offer what you are looking for. Compare prices and read reviews from past customers in order to find the best fit for customer service standards with competitive pricing. Be sure to read all of their policies regarding cancelations and rescheduling before signing any documents.

Determine your needs

When deciding to go ahead with chartering a private flight, there are several aspects that need to be taken into consideration. Choose which type of aircraft will suit your needs – whether it’s an ultra long-range jet or more roomy turboprop plane – as each type offers different advantages depending on distance flown and number of passengers. Additionally, think about what kind of service you’re seeking for your specific journey.

Choosing your airports and destination

Choose the airports that are closest to your departure point and destination; this is one of the many benefits of flying private. If you’re looking for some inspiration, the following destinations (and airports) are easily accessed by private plane and make for great family spring vacations:

Castlegar, British Columbia Located in Canada’s Rocky Mountains, Castlegar is an ideal place for outdoor activities like fishing and camping in the wilderness. There’s plenty of attractions around the area, including wineries and local art galleries.

Closest airport: West Kootenay Regional Airport (YDK)

Kooskia, Idaho – Situated in northwestern Idaho near the Clearwater River, Kooskia provides wonderful opportunities for outdoor recreation, such as hiking trails and whitewater rafting down class III rapids. Other attractions include historic sites such as Hell’s Gate State Park., inspiring views from mountaintops and spectacularly untouched nature backdrops.

Closest airport: Pullman-Moscow Regional Airport (PUW) 

Cooktown, Queensland – Found at the northernmost tip of Australia’s east coast near Cape York Peninsula awaits Cooktown where visitors can explore abandoned gold mines or wander through lush rainforests teeming with exotic wildlife. Also nearby is Lizard Island, which boasts some of Australia’s most popular snorkeling spots.

Closest airport: Cape Tribulation Airport (CTB)

Customize your flight

Charter flights give travelers the opportunity to personalize every aspect of the experience – even down to what kind of in-flight meals they have. Utilize the catalog of options available, such as adding certain snacks, drinks, and entertainment systems, so that everyone can stay entertained during long flights (especially important if you’re traveling with young kids). 

Charter your private flight today

If you’re looking for a unique and memorable spring break vacation for the family, look no further than private aviation. Surprise your family with a trip that far exceeds expectations! With access to private chartered flights, you can make it to destinations not reachable by commercial plane, as well as other benefits that you can only take advantage of when flying private. Contact us today to learn more about chartering a private flight for spring break, and to also learn more about enrolling in our Jet Membership program. 

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