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How Does the Private Aviation Industry Actually Work?

by Amber

Have you ever wondered how the private aviation industry actually works? There’s a lot that goes into making the private aviation industry operate. From the people who book the flights to the pilots who fly the planes, there are many different players involved in getting travelers from point A to point B. 

Regulations and safety

One of the biggest aspects of the private aviation industry is regulation and safety. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is responsible for regulating all aspects of aviation in the United States. This includes everything from ensuring that aircraft are safe to fly to making sure that pilots are properly trained. The FAA also sets rules and regulations that all private aviation operators must follow.

Cost influences

Another aspect of the private aviation industry is the cost of operating an aircraft. Aircraft are expensive to purchase, maintain, and fuel. In addition, pilots must be properly trained and licensed, which can add even more to the cost. As a result, flying privately is often much more expensive than flying commercially. Most people agree, however, that it is well worth the additional cost and the private aviation industry continues to grow. More and more people are choosing to fly privately because of the many benefits it offers. These benefits include convenience, flexibility, and privacy. With so many people now flying privately, it’s important to understand how the industry works so that you can make informed decisions about your travel plans.

The booking process

When you book a flight on a commercial airline, you typically go through a travel agent or an online booking website. But when you’re booking a private flight, things work a little differently. For starters, there are far fewer booking options available online with most charter companies, but many are working to change that. At, for example, we have developed a convenient app that gives members the opportunity to easily check private flight availability and receive a quote.

Different ways to charter a private flight

When it comes to flying private, there are a few different ways to go about it. You can charter a flight for a single journey, which is basically renting a plane for a one-time trip, whether it’s one way or round-trip. You can also enroll in a jet membership, which gives you access to a fleet of jets that you can use whenever you want. With our unique program, customers actually have the opportunity to charter flights at wholesale rates. And then there are jet cards, which are basically prepaid memberships that give you a set number of hours on a private jet, but these offer numerous disadvantages.

So, which option is right for you? It really depends on how often you plan on flying private and what your budget is. If you only need to fly private every once in a while, then chartering a flight when you need one can be a good option. But if you fly private frequently, then a jet membership is the best option. 

Jet memberships. If you fly private a bit more often, then a jet membership might be the best fit for your needs. With a jet membership, you’ll have access to a fleet of jets that you can use whenever you want. In exchange for a flat fee, members of our exclusive program receive wholesale rates on all private flights. In fact, because our rates are so competitive, that flat fee can quickly pay for itself after just a couple flights.

One-time charter flights. If you only need to fly private every once in a while, then chartering a flight could be the way to go. Without being part of a jet membership program, however, you miss out on numerous perks; most notably, you aren’t able to take advantage of wholesale pricing.

Jet cards. Jet cards are basically prepaid memberships that give you a set number of hours on a private jet—usually between 10 and 50 hours. Jet cards can be a good option if you want the flexibility of flying private without having to commit to a long-term contract. The downside of jet cards is that they usually require substantial upfront payment, so they might not be an option if you’re on a tight budget. Jet cards also impose numerous limitations, and they also expire.

The flight itself

Of course, the actual process of flying on a private jet is going to be quite different than flying on a commercial airliner. For starters, you won’t have to deal with long security lines or TSA screenings the same way you would if you were flying commercially. You’ll also have far more flexibility when it comes to things like your departure time and choice of airport. And once you’re on board the aircraft, you can expect a higher level of service and individualized attention from the flight crew.  They’ll often take care of things like serving food and drinks, and helping passengers with any baggage they might have. And if you’re traveling with young children, they can even help keep them entertained during the flight. 

Enroll in our Jet Membership program today

Flying privately definitely has its perks—and now that you know how the industry works, you can see why it’s such an attractive option for so many people. Whether you’re looking to avoid long security lines or simply want to enjoy a higher level of service while in-flight, chartering a private jet is definitely worth considering next time you need to travel. Contact us today to learn more about our Jet Membership program to charter your next flight!

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