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How You Can Use to Fly Private More Frequently

by Amber

There’s a common misconception that flying private is something that only the rich and famous can afford. But the truth is, there are a number of ways that you can fly private without spending a fortune. One of those ways is by using a jet membership. A jet membership gives you access to a fleet of private jets that you can use when needed. 

Imagine being able to fly private without having to worry about the higher fees that the competition impose. is a unique service that allows you to do just that. For a flat fee, you can become a member and have access to private jets at a fraction of the cost. If you have ever wanted to fly private on a more regular basis, we will explore how works and how you can use it to fly private more often.

Learning more about jet memberships and finding the right program

The first step is to find a jet membership that fits your needs. There are a number of different private jet services available, so it’s important to do your research and find one that’s right for you. Once you’ve found a jet membership that you’re happy with, the next step is to enroll. While a lot of private aviation companies use the terms jet membership interchangeably, the facts are, the services and benefits they provide vary widely. Many of these “memberships” are simply jet card programs, which actually have numerous disadvantages. At, our unique service helps clients save money on their private flights, thus enabling them to fly private more often.

How works is a membership-based website that gives members access to private jets at a fraction of the cost. Our service works by charging a flat fee, which means that members can fly on private jets without paying undisclosed commissions and other fees.

How you can use

There are a few ways that you can use to fly private more frequently. As a member, you can charter a flight by filling out our contact form, requesting a quote for a specific flight, or using our app to quickly receive a quote for an upcoming private flight. You can also contact our customer service team directly and they will help you find a flight that fits your needs and budget. 

Using a jet membership to fly private

Once you’ve enrolled in our jet membership program, you’re well on your way to flying private more often, if that’s your goal. You’ll automatically reap the benefits of lower-priced private flights in exchange for your membership fee, which can save you a significant amount of money on just a single private flight. The more you fly, the more you’ll save. Other ways that you can fly private more often include:

Flying on an empty leg flight when possible

Empty leg flights offer a great opportunity to fly in style and save money at the same time. These flights are essentially one-way charters, meaning that the aircraft has already been booked for one leg of the journey and the return is now available to book at a discounted rate. With empty leg flights, you can enjoy all of the advantages of flying private without the full price tag.

Empty leg flights are great for those who need to travel on short notice, as these discounted flights can be arranged with very little lead time. This also makes them a popular option for special events, such as weddings or family reunions, where you want to make an extra special impression without compromising on budget or convenience.

So if you’re looking to fly in style while saving money, empty leg flights are the perfect solution. With these discounted options, you can enjoy all of the luxuries that come with private air travel while still keeping your costs down. Plus, there are tons of unique destinations available through empty leg flights – so don’t miss out on the chance to fly somewhere special at an unbeatable price.

Planning your trips in advance

This will allow you to take advantage of empty legs, which are flights that are already scheduled and don’t have any passengers booked on them. Empty legs are often available at a discount, so planning your trips in advance can help you save money.

Trying to fly during off-peak hours

Flying during off-peak hours is often cheaper than flying during peak hours. So, if you’re flexible with your travel plans, try to book your flights for times when there aren’t as many people flying.

Fly private more frequently by signing up with is a great way to fly private more often without breaking the bank. Our services offer members access to private flights that don’t roll undisclosed commissions into the cost, empty leg flights, and last-minute flight deals so that travelers can fly private for less. You can use to find special deals on private jet flights and charter them directly through the website or by contacting customer service. So what are you waiting for? Sign up today and start flying!