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With 40+ years of experience in private aviation we have developed state of the art technology which offers the lowest pricing on every available aircraft, all in the palm of your hand.


Book the same aircraft at lower rates than you would from a traditional broker


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As a member you can view the operator, tail number and the safety rating of your aircraft. Allowing you to travel to thousands of destinations around the globe with peace of mind.

Charter Brokers

Although a skilled charter broker has the expertise to offer several options including transient airplanes or discounted one ways, they charge the client commission/markup for their services in addition to the wholesale charter cost. With jetmembership.com get the same aircraft at a lower price.

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Local Operators

For some charterers, a local operator will be an easy point of contact at the airport you frequent. However, they tend to have limited aircraft options and often will have conflicting trips or maintenance, making them unavailable, they will turn into a broker and offer another operator's airplane to you, always with the added commission Jetmembership provides more options at a lower cost.

Why a membership?

Aircraft selection: We offer a wider variety of aircraft to choose from, so you can find the perfect one for your needs.
Pricing: We offer jetmembership.com wholesale pricing, which means you can book the same aircraft at lower rates than you would from a traditional broker
Booking process: You can book your flights through our webpage or on the app while still maintaining a personal customer service advisor for any questions you have
Management: You can manage your flights through your membership portal, giving you full control over your bookings. We believe that our members deserve a better way to book private jet charters. That's why we've created a user experience that is simple, convenient, and affordable.

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