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Above and Beyond:’s Unwavering Commitment to Safety

by Dan Hirschhorn places safety at the forefront of its services, recognizing that flight safety is not just a priority but an absolute necessity for many clients. The platform goes the extra mile by catering to the discerning preferences of clients who prioritize safety through specific criteria, such as ARG/US Platinum-rated aircraft, Wyvern Wingman operators, and aircraft manufactured after a designated year. 

For clients who insist on the highest safety standards, ensures that they have access to a fleet of aircraft that meets or exceeds the stringent safety ratings of industry-recognized organizations. ARG/US Platinum-rated aircraft and Wyvern Wingman operators signify a commitment to excellence in operational and safety practices. By tailoring quotes to include these specific operators, offers clients the peace of mind that comes with knowing they are traveling on aircraft held to the highest safety standards in the industry. 

Moreover, recognizes that the manufacturing year of an aircraft can be a critical factor for clients who are particular about the plane’s technology, features, and overall condition. By taking into account clients’ preferences for aircraft manufactured after a specific year, the platform ensures that clients are safe and satisfied with the modern amenities and advancements that newer models offer.


Consider a scenario where a client, well-versed in aviation safety standards, expresses a preference for ARG/US Platinum-rated aircraft, a Wyvern Wingman operator, and an aircraft manufactured after a specific year.’s tailored approach means the client receives quotes that align precisely with these stringent criteria. This level of customization demonstrates the platform’s commitment to safety and respects each client’s unique preferences and requirements. 

In essence, goes above and beyond in curating a selection of private jets that meets its clients’ exacting safety standards and preferences. By tailoring quotes to include ARG/US Platinum-rated aircraft, Wyvern Wingman operators, and specific manufacturing years, ensures that its clients can take to the skies with the utmost confidence in the safety and quality of their private jet travel experience. 

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