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Customized Dining Experiences on Private Flights

by Amber

Private jet dining

There are a lot of advantages to flying private over commercial, but if you are a foodie, have severe food allergies, flying with kids and/or picky eaters, the fantastic food choices you have while flying private is just another huge perk. Whether it’s customizable meals, better quality than commercial airline food, or maybe a combination of both that you are seeking, the food available from a private flight food menu will make it impossible for you ever to go back to old airplane food again. If you fly private, you want to know you are getting the best of the best. This includes those in-flight snacks and meals to enjoy while in a meeting, watching a movie, or relaxing while reading a book. 

Tame hunger cravings any time

If you have an early morning flight or late evening flight, you are never quite sure when a hunger craving will hit. No one wants to sit on a flight with a significant other, friend, or child who is hungry and cranky, especially if you have a long flight. If flying commercially, you may be stuck with peanuts, pretzels, or maybe nothing at all. When flying privately, it is an entirely different story. 

When a craving hits, you can choose from a variety of fine dining choices and delicious snacks. With enough notice, meals can be available for the pets flying with you, too!

Private jet food and beverage

Quality, fresh ingredients used

Bad in-flight food on a commercial flight can be the stuff nightmares are made of. Mystery meats covered in weird gravies, rubbery eggs for breakfast, and fruits and salads that look far from fresh. When you fly private, chefs make your food using the best ingredients, many of which are delivered daily. Your meals are always high quality, even your snacks.

Private flights offer full dinners, multiple-course meals, and the choice to have the freshest produce, meats, seafood, and other perishables available. There is no pre-packaged refrigerated food with long-shelf lives needed. You can be sure you are getting fresh food from fantastic chefs.

Less fear about allergies, intolerances, and dietary restrictions

For anyone with or who has traveled with someone with allergies, intolerances, or dietary restrictions, you know how stressful finding the right food choices can be while traveling, especially while flying. Airports and commercial airlines continue to improve their offerings, but it still feels risky when ordering food on a flight. If you are gluten-free or have Celiacs, for example, you worry about cross-contamination with anything containing gluten. The same can be said for those suffering from a severe allergy. It is similar for those with religious dietary restrictions, like those who eat kosher or are vegan. 

You cannot always trust the ingredients or the source for many items. Unless you can ensure an item meets your restrictions, you could end up feeling ill, or worse, have an allergic reaction. With meals on private flights, you can feel safe that the food has been appropriately prepared and has avoided allergens or contamination. Catering chefs on private flights ensure that passengers’ dining experiences are not only delicious, but comply with any restrictions passengers may have.

Private jet menu

Your favorites are always available

When flying private, you are given a chance to submit your catering orders ahead of time. This means that, unlike a commercial flight, you can request certain brands of both beverages and foods alike. If you know you would like a particular brand of beer or a bottle of wine, it can be made available to you. Maybe your kids only want a specific yogurt flavor or are very specific about the ketchup they like with their fries. That’s not a problem, either. 

This luxury can also be great for those flying for business. Suppose you are entertaining clients or traveling with business associates, and you want to impress them with a specific bottle of champagne, caviar, or another delicacy. In that case, you can arrange to make sure these are available on the flight. 

Making a flight an experience

Flying private means that you are getting the best of the best when it comes to service, and that includes turning a flight from simply how you get from point A to point B into an experience that compliments the trip you are taking. The possibilities are endless, and the staff on board are trained to provide you with such an experience. 

When flying commercially, you are stuck in a monotonous boarding routine, sitting cramped in a seat next to someone and then heading back into the airport to get your bags. The perk of flying private is that it gets to be an event and an experience: food included. 

On-board private jet dining

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Of all the benefits and perks of flying private over commercial, superior dining should be right on the top of that list. Better quality food, customizable choices, the ability to have a meal or snack whenever a craving hits, and control of dietary restrictions all make having a private flight food menu not just a luxury when flying, but a necessity. 

As a Jet Membership client, customizable onboard dining experiences is just one of the many perks. Learn more about the many advantages of being a member and contact us today!

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