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6 Exotic Destinations That Only Private Planes Can Access

by Amber

Charter a seaplane  

It’s no secret that private jets are associated with exclusivity: you get an exclusive experience with a wide range of perks, including exclusive destinations that can only be accessed on a private aircraft. These exotic destinations offer magnificent views, relaxing atmospheres, and luxurious perks that can all be enjoyed without the crowds that come along with a typical vacation destination.

Charter a flight to the Caribbean

Necker Island

Located in the gorgeous British Virgin Islands, the 74-acre Necker Island is famously owned by Sir Richard Branson. It’s often visited by celebrities as it’s an exclusive destination that accommodates 34 people, at most. If you want to travel to this tropical retreat, you can book a room or the entire island. You can spend your days on Necker Island relaxing in the white sandy beaches or taking a dip in the sparkling waters of the Caribbean Sea. Private chefs can cook up the perfect menu for you and the beautiful spa treatment rooms give you the opportunity to enjoy unparalleled views while receiving massages or other world-class treatments. To get to Necker Island by private jet, you must land on the nearby Beef Island and take a boat or helicopter to arrive at the island itself. 

Tiwi Islands, Australia

Australia’s Tiwi Islands are a series of islands that include Bathurst and Melville, along with nine other islands that are smaller and uninhabited. If you’re interested in immersing yourself in a new culture and learning about the history of the islands, all while also enjoying the stunning views, then the Tiwi Islands are the perfect destination for you. To visit the Tiwi Islands, you will have to charter a flight to Bathurst Island Airport (BRT). 

Norman’s Cay

The Bahamian island known as Norman’s Cay is a true tropical paradise. To get to the island, you’ll need to charter a private flight to Norman’s Cay Airport, which is no longer open to commercial flights.  Once you arrive on Norman’s Cay, you’ll be treated to the world-famous view of glittering sandy beaches bordered by the turquoise waters of the Atlantic Ocean. There are a range of activities to explore when you visit the island, including swimming, hiking, and laying out on the beach. One of the most exciting things to try when you visit is snorkeling and scuba diving in the crystal clear waters that surround the island. Several incredible dive sites are accessible from Norman’s Cay, including a small, but fascinating shipwreck just off of the shores of the island. 

Charter a flight to Hawaii

Lanai Island

Just nine miles away from Maui, Hawaii’s beautiful Lanai Island offers visitors a slice of paradise. Lanai is a warm and sunny tropical retreat that offers its guests a range of activities, including sightseeing and hiking. Many of the iconic landmarks of Lanai, such as Mount Lānaʻihale, an inactive volcano, are only accessible by taking a dirt road with a four-wheel drive vehicle, as the lack of modern paved roads helps preserve the beauty of the region. There are plenty of ideal locations to fish, swim, and spot some of the local wildlife, such as turtles and Spinner dolphins.

Calivigny Island

For a truly indulgent and exclusive getaway that is only accessible via private jet, head to the luxurious Calivigny Island. This small inlet is located off the coast of Grenada in the Caribbean and is privately owned by French businessman Georges Cohen. While the six main beaches of Calivigny Island are accessible to those who arrive by boat in accordance with Grenada law, the rest of the island is only available to those who rent it out. If you’re interested in visiting, you’ll have to rent out the entire island, which provides accommodations for you and fifty of your closest friends or family. When you visit Calivigny Island, you can treat yourself to experiences such as cooking classes, paddleboarding, yachting, fitness, meditation, and wellness treatments. 

Charter a flight to Utah

Amangiri Resort, Utah

The only convenient way to access the ultra-luxurious Amangiri Resort in the Southwest is by chartering a private flight to Page Municipal Airport in Arizona. For comparison, if you were to fly commercial, you would likely be flying into Las Vegas, Denver, or Phoenix before driving several hours to get to the resort.

This indulgent destination is tucked into the red rocks of Canyon Point, Utah and offers a respite from the stress of daily life. Visitors are invited to explore the outdoors, indulge in Hózhó healing treatments at the spa, practice yoga, and experience wellness retreats that will encourage rejuvenation and re-centering. The food served at Amangiri Resort celebrates the Navajo heritage of the region and can be enjoyed in the established dining rooms, or you can arrange to enjoy your meal in a more isolated part of the resort’s 600 acres.

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