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How Private Aviation is Changing the Travel Industry

by Amber

Private aviation has become increasingly popular in recent years, revolutionizing the way people travel. Once seen as a luxury enjoyed exclusively by the rich and famous, private aviation is becoming more accessible for all travelers, with companies like providing customers with the opportunity to experience this luxurious form of transportation 

Changes in the aviation industry

The traditional commercial airline industry is struggling to keep up with the rise of private aviation, which offers numerous advantages over traditional travel. Private aircrafts provide access to airports that are usually far closer than major international hubs, meaning quicker flights with less time spent waiting in traffic or at security checkpoints. Additionally, private flight charters allow travelers to create their own flight plans and schedules – whether it’s just a quick hop across state lines or a long distance journey around the world. The convenience can result in substantial savings on both time and money that would otherwise be wasted on lengthy layovers or searching for available flights. These conveniences alone have affected how more consumers are choosing to splurge on luxury flight experiences, and more and more are opting for flying private rather than flying first class on a commercial airplane.

With commercial air travel becoming more problematic, many people are finding themselves feeling increasingly frustrated. Flights are regularly being canceled, delayed, or even having a passenger’s bags go missing – leaving travelers feeling helpless and stranded in some situations. As a result, more people are turning to other solutions, like private aviation.

COVID-19 and the aviation industry

The COVID-19 pandemic has also played a significant role in private aviation and the travel industry. People feel more at risk in commercial airplanes due to the close quarters and shared air supply, making it easier for the virus to spread. Flying private, however, gives passengers a sense of protection that they would not find in larger commercial flights. After all, flying private allows travelers to choose who they fly with and share that space with. The cabin is much less packed and everyone on board has plenty of room to spread out. Cleaning crews are also required to deep clean planes after each flight, decreasing the chance of surface contact transmission.

COVID-19 has made traveling complicated and uncomfortable, but flying private is one way that people can fly safely and with peace of mind.

There are more concerns about safety

Everyone is more vigilant these days, and especially when traveling. Flying private is becoming increasingly popular as travelers are attracted to the safety advantages of a private jet when compared to commercial airlines. Private jets provide a safer and more secure travel experience, as passengers have access to their own personal cabins and can be excluded from other passengers. After all, when you fly commercial, you are flying with hundreds of strangers.

Additionally, flight crews for charter flights are required to have significant experience to ensure the highest safety standards. For travelers seeking a stress-free journey with all the safety advantages that come with it, flying private is a great option.

It has become more accessible

Private aviation has seen many changes in recent years, allowing it to become more accessible and appealing to a wider range of people. Thanks to technological advancements, new services, and improved safety standards, flying in private aircrafts is no longer just for the ultra wealthy.

The introduction of shared ownership programs, jet cards, and exclusive programs like have all introduced pricing options that make flying private more attainable. 

A greater appreciation for privacy

Privacy is another key advantage of private jets; without having to worry about noisy neighbors or cramped seating, passengers have much more space and luxury when making trips aboard a private aircraft. With more and more individuals today working remotely, people are finding creative ways to make use of their time and get their work done. Working on a commercial flight can be next to impossible, but with the complete privacy you have when flying private, more people are realizing how easy it is to take care of business as usual. From conference calls and zoom meetings to catching up on emails and reports, a greater appreciate for privacy has certainly been one of the many reasons that private aviation is changing the way people fly.

A more cost-effective alternative to purchasing a jet

For those who want to fly private exclusively and have seriously considered purchasing their own jet, chartering a private flight for each trip is very cost-effective in comparison, especially when flying private as a member of our program.

For anyone looking to enjoy fine living without sacrificing speed or convenience then chartering a private jet could be exactly what you need! With its comfortable cabins, state-of-the-art technology and fast arrival times, there really isn’t any better way to travel in style.

Charter a private flight for your next trip with

Private jet travel has become the new gold standard for those who prioritize comfort, safety, and convenience when it comes to traveling. With private jet charters, travelers have the advantage of being able to enjoy a more comfortable and luxurious experience than that of commercial airlines. Furthermore, with private jet charters, passengers can also cut down on time spent waiting in line at the airport. Contact us today to learn more about our program and to charter your flight!

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