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Unique Features of Private Airplanes

by Amber

Private jet interiors

A private jet is the true definition of luxury. The cabin is decorated for pure comfort and relaxation to help you enjoy your time onboard. All the little extras combine to make it a wonderful place for travelers to do business, while still maintaining an easy and rewarding lifestyle and also provides for a relaxing, enjoyable environment for families and friends traveling for leisure.

Private jet interiors are very different than what you’ll find on commercial aircraft. The interior is designed to be as private as possible, and you will often have a bedroom, ensuite bathroom and lounge area inside these luxury jets.

When you charter a private jet, it will be specifically designed for your needs. You can opt to fly on a jet that includes an office or conference room that’s equipped with the latest technologies, or if you prefer to be more low-tech, you can always bring your own laptop or iPad.

Spacious, luxurious interiors

A private jet interior is designed to give you all the accommodations of home, away from home. As well as catering to your needs, private jets often have a separate lounge area with all the creature comforts you’d have in your very own living room. The couches in a jet’s lounge area can often be folded down into beds, so even if the jet you’re flying on doesn’t have a separate bedroom with a full-sized bed, you can stretch out and get a good night’s sleep before you reach your destination. You can also ensure that your cabin will always stay at a comfortable temperature.

Private jet lavatory

Better lavatories

One thing that sets a private jet apart from other means of transport is the lavatories. What first comes to mind when thinking of a lavatory? A small, cramped room with just the bare necessities is what you can basically expect on a commercial flight. On top of that, you often have to share those cramped lavatories with dozens (or hundreds) of other passengers. Between waiting in long lines and dealing with dirty lavatories, it can be downright uncomfortable and unpleasant, especially on longer flights. The lavatories on a private jet are nothing like those found in commercial planes; they’re spacious, luxurious, and private. There will often be a separate water closet with a toilet, and you’ll often have an on-board shower, too. 

Designed to make you feel at home

Often, the interior of a private plane is designed by an individual or company that makes high-quality goods and furniture. Using the same style and design of luxury interiors helps give your aircraft a more extravagant feel. From leather seats with all the trimmings, such as heating and massage functions, to large plush reclining chairs, fold-out beds and other luxe features, even a small private aircraft is typically much more glamorous than what you’ll typically find on a plane that was designed for commercial use.

The level of luxury that you get on a private jet also comes down to what you request when chartering the aircraft. If there’s anything specific you’re looking for when you charter your next private flight, such as a full-sized bed or conference room, we are happy to help find a private aircraft that meets your expectations. If this will be your first time chartering a private flight, you’re in for a real treat: it will be an experience like no other.

Customizable lighting

Commercial planes are required by law to have certain types of lighting. This includes bright flashing strobe lights that run off the plane’s battery when needed, and red exit signs. A luxury private jet, on the other hand, will have dimmable lighting that can be adjusted for the time of day. For example, if it’s late at night, a warm light will be cast across the cabin to help passengers relax and sleep. Another luxury feature of a private jet is mood lighting that can be preset to different colors using multiple color-changing LED lights throughout various areas of the plane. Even though some commercial airlines have started implemented onboard ambient lighting, with a private plane, you’re the one in control.

Luxury seating private jets


On a commercial flight in coach, you will have your choice of seats, such as aisle or window, at best. However, even if you book a first class ticket, this doesn’t mean that the airline will provide anything better than a standard-sized airplane seat with slightly more legroom. You may receive better service, but it doesn’t guarantee a more comfortable journey. Even for impressive first and business class seating, you are still typically confined to one particular seat on the airplane, unlike a private airplane. The seating arrangements on a private plane are unlike everything you’ll find on a commercial aircraft, and give you the freedom and flexibility to move about throughout your flight.

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